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Currently the New Face for Lancome, worldwide... ...carry on... ...and patron of the JapanRailway public toilets.

Born: California, USA

Lives: Near Kyoto, Japan

Education: some Sesame Street; Miss Olert's homeroom at Washington School kindergarten, to which I was late 86 times; Holy Trinity Catholic School which (+) taught phonics and (-) had nuns who set about His work with wooden rulers & chokeholds; mediocre public Jr & Sr High Schools, as found throughout the US of A; Skidmore College, where our teams underwent a name change from Wombats (wtf?) to Thoroughbreds (if the shoe fits); U de Sorbonne, Paris...good place, been better with fewer French; Parsons School of Design, Paris; Doug Warhit's Acting Workshops; Dan Fauci's The Mastery; School of Semi-Hard Knocks; Berlitz Language Center, Osaka, Japan.


Favorite Cameras: YashicaMat; Rolleiflex 3,5 TLR; Rollei 35S; Nikon FE2; Nikon Coolpix 4500; Nikon D40; Canon IXY